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Inspiration Strikes

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Inspiration Strikes started out as a place for my creative writing except I gave up on that idea quickly. Later, graphics took priority and I soon became interested in the idea of having a place other than my personal journal to post them. Again, back to the thought of creating a new journal when I remembered this one. So now, here's a place for any creation - writing or imagery. Having a community was the way to go because it's handy to be able to post where plenty of talented people are going to see without having to worry about whether criticism (albeit constructive) is going to hurt any feelings. Trust me, it's not. More than anything, I appreciate constructive criticism here since I'm provided with hints and tips from people who can help with advice.

Should you join and wish to post your own stuff, feel free to go ahead. There's all the more reason to because you can be guaranteed I'll comment to every post made (even if it sometimes takes me some time).

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By joining, you agree to:
* Comment and credit when using graphics
* Customising is allowed but please leave a note to mention it first
* No hotlinking
* Don't steal work and claim it as your own

^ These instances apply as a default and only to posts where no other rules are provided.
Should a post in the community differ from the above, then give priority to the individual post.